Engineering Service

Power transformers, industrial electricity, electrical cabinets, distribution panels, power generation, home and building automation.


From raw metal to the more complex and reliable mechanical construction inground, undersea and outdoor. Micromechanics spare parts with high accuracy degree of precision and tight tolerances can be supplied in steel and other metallic alloys.

A Turnkey Plants delivery

From distribution panels and electrical cabinets, to complete solutions for boats, motorways, home-and building automation. Quality ranges go from basic to highest standard for military, navy and aeronautics.

Electronic Parts and Cables

Printed circuits, cables, inductances, potentiometers, small PCB mounted transformer

Plastic Termo-Injector & Metal die Casting

All types of moulded plastic parts & Metallic injected. All companies are equipped withi inhouse quality assurance laboratory.

Faster Service is your European partner in Tunisia for electronics, electro-mechanical and mechanical products.

Total care of communication, production follow-up and delivery.
Components trading, subcontracting labour and plants installations.
Your all-in-one solution for low cost and high quality production.

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